My story is one of Growth and Enlightenment


At HTTP://, I take great pride in the originality of my will never find copies like cookie cutters...The Art you acquire from me is totally original and one of a kind Art. Come and enjoy a world of colors, fantasies and let me create for you what you dream about...I love to inspire people with my Art which will ease your soul and help you become the person you want to be...Art is a wonderful way to express yourself and learn of your deepest aspirations.  It can also help you to get rid of things deep inside you that no longer serve you.  I hope you enjoy my gift of creation and  Also check out my facebook page!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself...I have loved creating from a young age. I won my first National Art Contest when I was 16 years old. I have a gift and love to create from many different venues... Norman Rockwell was my 2nd cousin a few removed...I found this out after his passing. I create in many different mediums, using natural and recycled items when I can. I also love to write non-fiction and Poetry, Photography, Macrame, Sculpture, Alcohol inks along with many other mediums and forms of creations. 

  If you are interested in any of my creations, learning Art, or would like me to create for that special someone an original... contact me.

{Formally Bask-in-the-art-of-SLR}


Areas of expertise:  Art, Writing, Graphic Art, Poetry, Sculpture, Photography, Teacher, Counselor, Business Savy.... plus so much more.