My story is one of Growth and Enlightenment


At HTTP://, I take great pride in the originality of my will never find copies like cookie cutters...The Art you aquire from me is totally original and one of a kind Art. Come and enjoy a world of colors, fantasys and let me create for you what you dream about..I love to inspire people with my Art...HTTP://  will take care of you.



Areas of expertise:  Art, Writing, Graphic Art, Poetry, Sculpture, Photographer, Teacher, Business Savy.... plus so much more.

Lets tell you a little bit about me...I have loved creating from a young age. I won my first National Art Contest when I was 16 years old. I have a Blessed gift and love to create from many different venues. Norman Rockwell was my 2nd cousin a few older sister Sandy Burris is also a great Artist..Sadly she passed without the world realizing her talents. Here I am at 16                         and at 62 present.                      nothing tucked...I am Blessed to also have a                            great family who                        all age well. I have taught Art for Michaels                          and freelance for                       the school system, as well and Had my Art in                         the Walton Art                            Museum, I was the top seller at the Eureka                                 Springs Art and                          Craft show...I have done several Murals, some of                         My sculptures are                      all over the earth. I am a Natural Herbalist, a head for Business and Customer Rep. I temporarily live in Central California, I am heading up north soon, not sure where yet...My amazing husband and I are planning our journey. We both are Enlightened with some amazing teachers. God has richly Blessed us with what really matters. A great family, a Peaceful and happy life..and the gift of Creation! My hubby is not only a great Artist too..but is also a tinkerer and great at construction as well and can build anything! A VERY talented man! There there is my Children who are all grown now but in each of there own right are great Artists too. I have two beautiful daughters, two handsome sons, and 7 talented grandchildren, and one on the way!

Several Originals of the works you see on my pages are sold but I do have Prints on all paintings. If your interested in any of my creations, contact me.